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Vossa Senhoria
The tinest newspaper of the world, as recorded by the Guiness Book, is back. Read and hoarded all over Brazil and abroad, it is pure fire on paper, combating politicians, shop owners, mayors, priests. It also has an eye for beauty and brings articles by writers and poets such as Adélia Prado. Was created in 1935 by the pioneer printer and journalist Leônidas Schwindt.

Now back in print!
The size of a coin – 3.5X2.5 cm – it features politics, economy, metro, culture, sport and human affairs, allways in a progressive mood. Monthly issues from August 2016.


At the Festa Literária de Divinopolis, FLID, the relaunching will be on the 20th August, 10am.


Published in Divinopolis, with subscribers and writers all over Brazil and abroad. Against the mainstream in modern media, it cannot be read onsite but on paper only. Please see below for subscriptions.