Who is Who


Milton Nogueira


Engineer and former staff member of the United Nations visited 62 countries to provide development aid. Lived in Vienna for twenty years and, back in Brazil, promotes climate change and sustainability projects. Became news commentator for radio and TVs, including for the CCTV of China. While living in Divinopolis, in the 60s, became a fan of journalist Schwindt´s work. Since 2013 he is engaged in relaunching and publishing the Vossa Senhoria. Like the poet Neruda, he calls himself a “nosy among birds”. He and wife shuttle between Belo Horizonte, Divinopolis, and Vienna and is now engaged into putting the tiny Vossa Senhoria in the world scene.


Leida Reis

General Editor

A journalist with 25 years experience in newspapers of Minas Gerais, Leida is also the author of the novel “A Invenção do Crime” and the book of short stories “O Livro de Cada Um”. In 2016 opened the Páginas Editora publisher. Though not born in Divinopolis, she became fascinated with the thrilling life of Leonidas Schwindt, his daughters Leonora and Dulce, and the investigative journalism he boldly did. She is now fully commited into setting the tiny Vossa Senhoria into true journalism. She lives with family in Belo Horizonte, with frequent trips to Divinopolis.